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So, you want to pass your driving test, but you’re now wondering how to start. This page will tell you how.


Locations and test centres covered:




St Albans

Bishop’s Stortford



How do I start driving lessons?

You need to apply for your provisional driving licence on the website.


What happens after I have my provisional licence?

That’s where Go Drive comes in! When you have your provisional licence, you can get in touch with us and we will arrange for a local driving instructor to give you a call and set up your first driving lesson. You can meet our driving instructors on the Instructors page!


What tests do I need to pass to get my full driving licence?

Before you book your practical driving test, you will need to pass your theory test first, which consists of hazard perception and multiple choice questions which can be booked through the website. Once you have passed your theory test, your driving instructor will advise you when you are ready to book in for your practical driving test.


How often should I have lessons?

The choice is yours! You can either choose from weekly lessons or driving courses (semi-intensive and intensive) and the lesson length can range from 1 hour to full days in the intensive courses. On average, pupils need 30-40 hours of driving lessons to pass their test. Your instructor will guide you through the process at your pace and help you build the confidence to pass. Our instructors are experienced in working with people of all ages and abilities, from nervous pupils to full licence holders who want tips on how to park better!

Intensive Course

Are you looking to learn to drive and be on the roads QUICKLY? Learn to drive from anywhere between 7 days and a few weeks! Go Drive offer both intensive and semi intensive courses (dependant on any driving experience and secured after an assessment lesson). 

As practical driving tests are more difficult to find right now, the demand for our intensive courses has remained high. We have effective ways of securing you a test date! And have done so for many of our pupils. For further information head over to 

Refresher Lessons

Refresher driving lessons can be anything from improving on a certain skill, brushing up on road safety or re-gaining confidence behind the wheel. As experienced instructors we know that there may be several reasons why motorists require refresher lessons. Rest assured that our ADI’s are highly skilled in dealing with all aspects, from nervous drivers following an incident, to someone looking to improve and gain new skills in parking, or back behind the wheel after a break. We cover refresher driving lessons in Letchworth, Stevenage, Royston, Hitchin, Baldock, Luton and surrounding areas. Contact us to have a chat and specify exactly what you want. We will tailor them to suit you!



Have you not long passed your driving test and not yet ventured onto the motorway? Or do you simply want to build confidence in driving at speed with more traffic on motorways? Motorway driving is a great skill to have considering how much easier it can make getting from A to B. Our motorway lessons covering Letchworth, Stevenage, Hitchin, Royston and surrounding areas, are an excellent way to gain some advanced driving skills, whilst being safe in the knowledge that you are being guided by one of our Go Drive experts! Fill in a contact form or call us to discuss.


Pass Plus

Go Drive offer the opportunity to further your driving skills once you have passed your driving test with the government backed PASS PLUS course. One of our approved Pass Plus instructors will take you out for at least 6 hours, covering sections such as country roads, more advanced town/built up area driving, motorways, night and all weather driving. Some of the course may be completed in theory if not practically possible. This course can be taken at anytime but we find it is most useful to new drivers in the first year after passing their test. It may also help you get a car insurance discount.

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