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Have a read, a giggle, and find out a bit more about who’s on board with Go Drive.

We all love what we do and that’s what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Get to know us here!

1) Why did you choose to become a driving instructor?

2) What previous job did you have?

3) How old were you when you passed your driving test?

4) Did you pass first time?

5) What advice would you go back and give yourself when you were learning to drive?

6) When you aren’t teaching where can I find you?

7) Favourite food?

8) Hobbies/interests?

9) What music is in your car?

Hover over our photos to reveal the answers to the questions.

Go Drive Julie car image

  1. I always loved driving, right from the get go as a learner.

  2. I was a nanny looking after children

  3. 17

  4. Yes!

  5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when learning.

  6. With family and friends, running

  7. Avocado bagel

  8. Running, climbing, learning about the mechanics of life!

  9. Anything from the 80’s, 90’s, right up to hits of today!

Go Drive Driver Tuition Ben car image

1) I’m a people person and I love driving!

2) Lorry Driver.

3) 17.

4) Yes.

5) Be confident and trust your instructor.

6) Walking in the countryside or watching football.

7) Pizza.

8) Cars and football - I support Tottenham Hotspur.

9) A bit of everything. I’ve got some banging playlists!

Go Drive Driver Tuition Will car image
  1. I’ve always wanted to teach, not a 9-5 person

  2. Police officer, an instructor at 22

  3. 17. Lived in a rural village

  4. No, passed on second attempt and not ashamed of that.

  5. There’s no substitute for experience.

  6. At home with family, behind a drum kit, at the drag strip

  7.  Meat – pretty much it!

  8.  Cars, drumming and music, rugby, the odd computer game!

  9. Most genres/styles

Go Drive Driver Tuition Sam car image
  1. Was thinking about a career change and someone asked me what I liked doing. I said driving and it was suggested to me to become a driving instructor and so I looked into it. 22 years later here I am!

  2. Forklift/clamp truck driver in a warehouse

  3. 17

  4. Yes

  5. Be more positive, confident and try to relax

  6. Up the farm!

  7. Fish and chips

  8. Horse riding and country walks

  9. Mainly big dance tracks

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